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    The open borders groups in the United States that are working hand in hand with Socialist Workers groups and Communist factions, and are advocating no less than policies that will substantially weaken our country, endanger our citizenry, lower our standard of living and threaten the health of our children are hoping that you, dear citizen, are too busy shopping and watching American Idol to pay attention to what is happening under your noses and too apathetic to get out there and stop it.

    Luckily, millions of American Citizens have recognized what is occurring, and have been flooding our representatives with letters, emails, faxes, phone calls and visits telling these elected officials exactly what we, the people that put them where they are, want done.

    But we are not finished. If anything, we must ramp up our pressure on our elected officials, explaining to them why they should not cave to criminal factions that demand our laws be ignored and changed to cater to the legions of law breaking invaders that have flooded our country and flouted the very system that would see you and I in jail for being so brazen as to think that the law did not apply to us.

    If the law applies, these people must return home and apply for visa's and citizenship the same way that millions of others have done it.

    If the law doesn't not apply, which seems to be their reasoning, then due process and constitutional protections do not apply either, and mass round-ups and deportation should begin ASAP.

    Countering the "talking points" of the open borders groups should be a high priority of the citizens of the United States, and to help you do just that when you call your elected representatives, below is a list of talking points from the website linked in the title.

    Don’t Gut ‘Legalization’ Before It Starts
    Dozens of hidden traps in the Senate and House bills sabotage the “legalization” programs and will exclude tens of thousands of people. This would undermine the very purpose of earned legalization, which is to encourage undocumented immigrants to come forward and become full members of American society.

    Legalization should be earned the same way by all. One should apply for a visa or work permit, and immigrate to the country legally. We should not reward those that ignore our laws. It is not fair to those that do not ignore them.

    Don’t Turn Our Local Police Into Federal Immigration Agents
    Asking local law enforcement to ask those who look like immigrants about their immigration status would be a public safety disaster. It will lead to racial profiling and undermine community policing strategies that are aimed at building trust and solving local crimes. This is why police officials from across the country oppose this idea.

    Our law enforcement is tasked with enforcing the laws of the land. If you were to kidnap a child and take them to another state, it becomes a Federal issue. The same goes with bank robbery, and we would not expect our local police to not apprehend a kidnapper or a bank robber simply because these crimes fall under the jurisdiction of authorities with broader powers than they possess. Simply put, our police forces should deal with crimes and criminals as they find them, and not catagorize them in 'local', 'state' or 'federal' concerns.

    Let Every Person Have Their Day In Court
    The Senate proposals put unchecked power in the hands of bungling bureaucrats in the Department of Homeland Security – the people who brought you the Katrina relief effort. Citizens, green card holders, and the undocumented could all be affected. Due process is the foundation of American justice and should be preserved for all.

    How about this? Let every person have their day in line at the consulate? The Department of Homeland Security oversees Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE, formerly INS), and ICE is tasked with securing our border and monitoring the people that enter and leave our country. We should let ICE handle that part of their responsibilities that is paramount to the protection of the citizens of this counrty, Control and Enforcement. Due process has strangled the system, making it virtually impossible to deport anyone, and has been wrongfully applied to the criminals that have snuck in here. Simply put, if you are not a legal citizen of this country, the rules, laws, rights, responsibilities and protections do NOT apply to you, you are under no obligation to serve in the military, have sworn no allegiance to this country and therefore do not enjoy the protections that go hand in hand with the duties of the American citizen.

    Stop Cruel Deportations – Keep Families Together and Communities Strong
    The Senate and House bills will rip families apart by permanently separating children from parents and spouses from each other, often for minor infractions for which deportation is an unfair and excessive punishment. The government would send back countless families seeking safety from war, persecution, and violence.

    Children of parents that are here illegally should go with their parents, and should be given teh option of returning when they are 18 if they so choose to become a full fledged citizen of this country. Canada specifically has a law that states if your parents are not legal citizens at the time of your birth then you are not a citizen of Canada. Why can't we enact that? Deportation for being here illegally is not excessive or unfair, but is the natural and expected consequence for being here illegally. Unfair and excessive punishment for being in the country illegally would be taking people out back and shooting them in the head. I am not in favor of that. However I am in favor of placing those that sneak in here illegally at the back of the line, and making sure that the line is at least three years long. If there are no consequences for your actions then what is to stop people from taking any action they please?

    Build Bridges Not Jails
    Immigration reform should bring immigrants out of the shadows, not consign them to mandatory detention and deportation. Locking innocent people up in jails and military bases without meaningful review – even those who pose no flight risk or danger to the community – is not the American way.

    We cannot hammer this point home enough. People that sneak into our country and ignore our laws and flout our immigration system aARE NOT INNOCENT!!!! As stated before, if you are going to ignore our laws and systems, proving that you don't believe they apply to you, then obviously the protections that go along with those laws do not apply to you either, therefore due process does not apply, and you have no right to a hearing. You cannot pick and choose which laws apply to you, either they all do, or none of them do. The "Amercian Way" is the way of law and order, fairness and justice.....even our President has to wait in line at McDonalds, and if that fact doesn't explain our system to you, then nothing I say will.

    Choose Freedom, Not Fear
    We are at a crossroads in America. We have to make a choice about what kind of a country we want to be. Do we want to live with pre-dawn raids on innocent families, Federal agents crawling through our communities, armed military camps, thousands of deaths along our walled borders? Or will we support a positive vision of America made strong, secure, and vibrant by full participation of immigrant families?

    They are correct. We are at a crossroads in this country, and here is the kind of country that I want. I want a country that respects the rule of law, watches out for her citizens and protects them from those that would do them harm. I want a country that fears nothing because it is strong enough to defend itself against those that would see it fall. I want a country that is wise enough to realize that life isn't fair, and that you can only raise up so many people before the weight starts to drag you down, and raising up those that you have a first responsibility to is your highest calling and your first duty and shows whether you have the wisdom to lead the people that placed you in power, or if you are indeed a pandering coward whose legacy will be one of appeasement ridicule.

    Those that have broken our laws, and refuse to adhere to them and demand special treatment are not "Americans" at heart, in practice or in reality, and never will be. Americans are a law abiding and noble people, and those that don't understand that do not deserve a shot at the American Dream, because part of the American Dream is BEING an AMERICAN, and helping to make this country great, and there is nothing great about being a criminal!!!!


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