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    Or, as it would be known in english, "The Big Boycott".

    So it appears that latinos are continuing their lies in calling American citizens that want our laws enforced "racist".

    There is nothing, of course, racist about wanting your government to enforce teh laws of teh land, especially in a case, like this one, where race isn't a factor in determining teh legality of ones' actions.

    Just a quick side note here, has it clicked in your head that the people calling for a boycott are calling for a boycott in english? Why not spanish?

    On to the meat of this missive; Latinos are planning a "boicot", possibly on May 1st, maybe on May 5th, and it even could be one of those long runnning things where they go five days.


    While they are boycotting people that need a job should go get theirs. If they are so important to the economy that a boycott is going to cripple the economy then they must have many, many jobs, and if they are refusing to go to those jobs, that means that those jobs will be available on the day of the boycott.

    So if you need a job, or knows someone that does, remember the "gran boicot" and plan to get a new job that day.


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