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    In a press release dated today, Sunday, April 23rd, the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, a group with ties to terrorist groups that has been fighting to trick the citizens of the United States into believing that they are a peaceful organization and not chasing the dream of Sharia Law showed once again that the only people they will laud are those that bow to them and accept the role of dhimmi on their knees.

    Peace Group's Aim: Praising Va. Man, Not Blaming Killers
    Jerry Markon, Washington Post, 4/23/06

    Tom Fox lived for peace but died a violent death, shot multiple times, his body dumped in a trash-strewn Baghdad neighborhood after he was kidnapped.

    Yet colleagues of the Virginia peace activist suggested absolution for his killers yesterday at a memorial service that celebrated his life. Titled "Reflections on Compassion and Forgiveness," the service featured a black banner in Fox's memory: "To those who held Tom we declare: God has forgiven you."

    It was the message of Christian Peacemaker Teams, the Toronto- and Chicago-based peace group that Fox served in Iraq after he quit his job running a grocery store in Springfield. The Rev. Carol Rose, the organization's co-director, told more than 200 of Fox's friends and colleagues that the banner was hung in Baghdad after his body was discovered last month. . .

    Inside the church, there were a few tears but more smiles as speakers recalled Fox's courage and commitment. They remembered him as kind and quiet, a man who rarely raised his voice but had a yell that sounded like Kermit the Frog when he did. Fox's license plate and e-mail address, they said, contained the words "inner light."

    Emily Smith, a representative of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Fox's work reflected the close ties between Muslims and the Christian peacekeeping community. "All of us, people of many faiths, have been touched by Tom's life and death," she said.


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