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    Linked in the title is the website for the "April 10th Mobilization."

    What is funny about this site, and by extension the moronic stance behind it, is that these people are asking for something that is already available, IF you are a LEGAL IMMIGRANT.

    Whether or not you can attend an event on April 10, you CAN make your voice heard. Join hundreds of thousands of us in telling Congress that we need real, comprehensive immigration reform – not anti-immigrant scapegoating. Tell Congress that you want immigration reform that:
    - Includes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
    - Reunites families
    - Ensures workplace protections and civil rights for all

    What these people are failing to tell people, and are in effect lying about, is that the sentiments in the U.S. today are not against immigrants, but ILLEGAL immigrants, and simply changing the law so that nobody is illegal is NOT the solution.

    People that are "undocumented" have a path to citizenship, legally, IF they choose to pursue it. Rewarding these people that ignore our laws and sneak into the country is NOT what this country is about.

    There website states: "We deserve to be treated with respect and deserve a chance to become citizens of the country we love."

    Well and good, but if THIS is the country that you love, why are you marching with MEXICAN FLAGS?

    We do respect immigrants.....LEGAL IMMGRANTS...not the criminals that sneak in here, steal our resources and money and flout our laws....those people should be thrown out of the country and placed at the back of the line.

    The constant cries of racism from those that advocate open borders is tired. The fact that they back the very people that break our laws should tell anyone with a lick of sense just who is in the right on this issue, but I am increasingly of the opinion that the people we are dealing with don't have a lick of sense.

    On April the 10th these people have vowed to take to the streets, and hold vigils and protests to demand their "rights".

    What I want to know is when is OUR GOVERNMENT going to uphold our right to have a country where the law is enforced fairly and evenly?

    When is OUR GOVERNMENT going to do the right thing, and enforce our laws and work towards roudning up the criminal aliens that have invaded our country and deport them?

    When is OUR GOVERNMENT going to SECURE OUR BORDER??????

    On Monday, April 10th, thousands of people are publically and openly planning to gather and protest our sovereign right and duty to enforce our immigration laws and secure our border.....I hope our government takes notice of this and sends out the proper authorities to make certain that those people at those events are within their rights to protest and be in this country legally.

    I don't hold out much hope for that you?


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