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    One of the pasttimes of this site is exposing hypocrisy.

    Being a white guy there is an awful lot of it out there from where I sit, from the fact that I can't start a Miss White America Contest to counter the obviously racist Miss Black America Contest because I would be....a racist....go figure.

    I also can't start a "White Entertainment Television" or have a magazine called "Ivory", but "Black Entertainment Television" and "Jet Magazine" have a place on your TV screen and on the magazine rack, and anyone that calls that racism is denounced as a hate mongering asswipe that should be locked away for years and is actually in danger of being arrested for "inciting hate speech".

    That's fine. I don't need a Miss White America or a WET channel (unless the "WET" channel featured hot chicks in wet t-shirts...then I need one badly), but theer is one form of hypocrisy that needs to stop, and soon.

    The hypocrisy of people that are allowed, even defended, when they say that they wish to have sex with young boys, when anyone that claims they wish to have sex with young GIRLS is branded a pedophile.

    Don't get me wrong...I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUNG GIRLS. I learned long ago (in my younger days) that younger girls are a sad second to women that have a few more years under their panty bands.

    Sex with young children is bad, and I imagine that there are studies that show that the increase of hormones in beef and dairy products is causing our young women to blossom at a younger age. I know one thing, the girls in high-school when I was in high school did NOT look like the girls in high school look today. I stopped talking to females at the mall years ago, when I figured out that I was getting carded to get in bars at the age of 20 something and there were 15 and 16 year old girls that were simply walking in and ordering.

    Now, that hyposcrisy aside, and the fact that sex with children is bad, and that most GIRLS look older today at a specific age than they did 15 years ago, men looking at mostly grown young women and admiring them is natural.

    Men looking at not quite grown young men and wanting to play footsie with them is NOT!!!!

    As I covered the other day, and Suzie has picked up on, there is a somewhat new website that is advocating and extolling the virtues of having sex with young boys.

    I will be posting more on this tomorrow, when I am not so angry. You see, I have a young son, and pedophile freaks like this worry me is thi skind of person that very well could be the cause of me getting thrown in prison for murder, for that is probably what I would do to someone that hurt my son like that, and I make no apologies for that stance either!!!!

    Go check out suzies post regarding this...there is an ever growing coalition of parents that are bloggers that are working to get this crap taken down.....I will be one of them.


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