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    There is a great album called Radio K.A.O.S. by Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) about a young man that is paralyzed and uses a computerized wheelchair and...Well, go get the album for yourself, but there is a song on it called "The Tide is Turning", and it is about the mindsets of the planets populace coming to grips with the fact that the way they are going about things is not the answer. It is a great song, and was the one that popped into my head when I read the email this morning from A.J. Whitehead.

    A. J. Whitehead, the founder of and the man that recently had a lawsuit by CAIR against him dismissed because HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH sent along a nice little link to a story that shows our courts may be starting to "get it."

    A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the dismissal of an American Muslim civil rights group's defamation lawsuit against former U.S. Rep. Cass Ballenger, who linked the group to terrorists in a 2003 interview.
    The Council on American-Islamic Relations sued Ballenger for $2 million, saying the congressman's comments damaged its reputation and good name. The group has denied any links to terrorism.

    Go read the whole thing and let yourself have a bit of hope today. Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning.


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