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    Does that statement shock you?

    It shouldn't. Click the link in the title for just one more story that proves liberalism is, at its' black little heart, hateful of the human race and twisted at its' core.

    I expect some liberal simps to see this post and say "No, it is you that are hateful, Kender", and launch into a diatribe about my hate speech, when in reality all I am doing is pointing out the reality of their belief system and showing the reaer the depth of their hatred for you, the reader.

    In liberalism, disagreement that paints them in an unflattering light is always "hate speech". It is simply a comical reality that their "hate speech" is also known as "The Truth."

    Liberals hate humanity, and the vestige of that hate is socialism, the adherence to policies and beliefs that manifest themselves in creating a world where everyone is placed at the same sad level of existence. The reasoning seems to be, "since there isn't enough to go around, and it is unfair that some people are smarter and more capable and create a better life for themselves than others, you must be forced to give up the fruits of your labors so that others that aren't as smart, capable or even as lucky as you still have what you have."

    The story linked in the title is about a professor advocating the destruction of much of mankind. How sweet. He does have a point. Over population is going to be a bigger and bigger problem, but hoping that a virus wipes out most of humanity is simply a hateful position to take.

    Since over population is going to be a problem, may I suggest that this professor be the first to volunteer to aid in the reduction of the human race?

    I will even buy the bullet.


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