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    Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar has called putting a park in a low income area of Los Angeles a "battle for social justice." Councilman Huizar's out-the-deep-end comment can be seen in the video below. His comments are between 2:33 and 2:59

    Maybe if you classify satisfying envy as social justice Councilman Huizar would be right. But building a park in a low income area is not social justice. Social justice is an invented concept with income redistribution (read; THEFT) as its base goal. When someone speaks of social justice what they really mean is redistributing wealth in the form of taxes on those who produce the wealth to those who do not in the form of social programs.

    California Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon went on to explain with some stats which, when one looks at them with a critical eye and some honesty fall apart given he is comparing apples to meat pies. His comments are between 3:13 and 4:18

    Here are the stats;

    In the City of New York 91% of children have access to a park within a quarter of a mile.
    In Los Angeles 33% of children have access to a park within a quarter of a mile.

    Let's look at the differences between New York City and The City of Los Angeles shall we?
    The City of New York covers 303 square miles with a population of 8.3 million
    Los Angeles covers 498 square miles with a population of 3.8 million.

    Los Angeles covers a lot more ground with a smaller population. Go look at a Google satellite map of New York and then take a gander at Los Angeles. Not the actual street plot but the satellite picture. Notice a difference? Los Angeles is a lot greener. We have a few things New York doesn't have (and I am not casting aspersions on New York so don't get your panties in a twist and send hate email) and two of those things we have is space and front and back yards. In most of New York kids live in apartment buildings not stand alone houses. In Los Angeles an apartment building above three stories is rare unless you are in Beverly Hills. Most of us out here live in houses are smaller, two story apartment buildings and an apartment with a play area is an uncommon site, at least in my experience.

    Out children have yards to play in.

    As if comparing New York to Los Angeles wasn't stupid enough Assemblymen DeLeon carried this insanity one step further with this statement;

    "If you live in a more affluent area of Los Angeles it's an average of about thirty three point four acres per one thousand residents. For African Americans it's about one point seven acres. For Latinos it's about one poin-- it's about zero point six and for Asian American Pacific Islanders it's about zero point three acres. So this is a fundamental problem of access and equity. This is a civil rights issue."
    emphasis mine

    You read that correctly. A civil right.

    Just when you think you have heard it all, just when you believe people can't possibly get any goofier or say something so outrageous you are shocked into disbelieving silence is exactly the time someone like Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon comes along and says something so outrageous you are shocked into disbelieving silence.

    I hate it when that happens.

    Especially when the very next thing out of the mouth of the person who caused your disbelieving silence is even more outrageous. A veritable parade of stupidity is passing before your eyes and all you can do is stand and gawk like a Frenchman watching the Germans march into town, again.

    These comments can be seen between 5:06 and 5:40 in the video below.

    "Regardless of who you are, regardless of where your parents come from, regardless of the color of your skin, regardless of your legal status,"

    WHOA WHOA WHOA Back the speechifying train up there a bit buddy. Regardless of your legal status? So I guess Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon supports illegal immigration and criminals. That's a good thing to know. We'll have to remember that fact the next time he is up for election. Then again his district is heavily latino, most likely with a high population of illegal voters (yes illegals vote, and they vote early and vote often) so maybe he was just pandering to the crowd.

    He continued on with this;
    "You deserve access to nature. As Ron Schaefer just stated a little earlier today quote unquote Nature Deficit Disorder, which is a very fascinating concept. Nature Deficit Disorder can be interpreted as a civil rights violation for those children who've been marginalized historically so they can have access to a beautiful park."
    emphasis mine

    First we deal with the created concept of "social justice" and now we have "Nature Deficit Disorder?"

    So now we have a new Civil Right, at least according to Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon.

    Access to Nature.

    Which part of the Constitution has that Access to Nature in it again? Anyone? Where'd all those crickets come from?

    When your access to nature is curtailed and your civil rights stomped into the mean streets of Los Angeles it is termed Nature Deficit Disorder. Jeez, Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon makes it seem as if parks are territorial possessions of the neighborhoods they are located in and only children from those neighborhoods can use them. In truth the parks in the affluent areas of Los Angeles are much safer then those in the less affluent areas due to the fact of the parks in less affluent areas are infested with extremely territorial and violent gang members, many of those illegal aliens.

    I am starting to see why maybe, just maybe, the children in the less affluent areas don't use those parks.

    This last statement goes just overboard with the class envy;

    "It should not be dictated by ones financial wherewithal that allows you the choice to purchase nature or purchase a home with a close proximity to the beach."

    Purchase nature? Yes I'll take two natures to go please, one with some grass and big trees and maybe one with a little stream that runs into the ocean, and can you make it snappy? I gotta get to a speech where I pander to illegals.

    What this whole thing equates to is the poor don't have any open space.

    Let's add into this whole mess the fact that those in more affluent areas have a lower population density which contributes to this whole fallacy of "the poor don't have any open space." The poor live in smaller houses, usually apartments because this is what they can afford. Many times these apartments have a small playing area. Usually someone has attempted at some point to plant grass but either because it is too expensive to keep green or infested with those pesky gang members we spoke of earlier it goes unused.

    Those who are not so poor (and I won't call them rich because they aren't) can afford a larger house, usually with a front and back yard in a neighborhood developed with parks and open space. This is not an issue of "equity" it is an issue of earning what you have.

    One other thing I want to address is many of the people Assemblymen Kevin DeLeon seems to be addressing have immigrated here from third world countries. Third world countries (if you haven't noticed lately) are chock full of nature-y goodness. I am not really certain these people want to have access to nature, having recently fled from it, but if it's that important to them may I helpfully suggest they return to the chock full of nature-y country they fled in the first place?

    Is that mean of me?

    Too bad.

    David Hernandez gives an astute analysis of the socialistic and racially divisive language used in these speeches and he's dead on correct. Add in the fact that much of the days speeches were given in Spanish and anyone with an ounce of sense can see how far down the ladder we have slipped. From pandering to illegals to stirring up racially charged class envy our politicians out here in Los Angeles have reached new heights of waving the french flag and giving the bird to the citizens of this country.

    Viva Stupidity!!!

    Here's the video;


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