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    If the United States of America ever gets over the social disease of Politically Correct Induced Multiculturalism we are afflicted with historians may look back on some of the events occurring in this country today and shake their heads in bewilderment. They’ll wonder what the hell we were thinking in much the same way we shake our heads at the age old “remedy” of leeches.

    When the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance stating all new “Big Box” home improvement stores must build shelters for day laborers (many of whom are illegals) those of us who still use our brains for more than a place to store the current crop of American Idol contestants shook our heads in bewilderment. The governments’ job, at all levels, is to enforce the law. Aiding and abetting those who are here illegally is high up there in the list of Things Governments Should Not Do. Forcing private companies to be a party to those actions is akin to extortion. In fact the city council members who voted for this resolution may very well be breaking RICO statutes by forcing Home Depot, Lowes and any other company to comply with what may be deemed illegal.

    The City Council of Los Angeles, if I may be so bold as to bring it up, could possibly (by correct thinking people that is) be accused of engaging in human trafficking in a round about way. The scourge (and it is a scourge, maybe even a plague) of illegals flooding our cities is a shameful reflection of our failure as citizens to hold our politicians accountable for their inaction. In 1986 Ronald Reagan (PBUH) passed an amnesty for 3 million illegals and swore to secure the border. Every administration since has utterly failed to secure the border and until recently even workplace enforcement was spotty.

    Now we have somewhere around 20 million illegal aliens wandering the country, taking our jobs, crowding our schools with their children (who should NOT be citizens merely by birth but that’s a story for another day), using our emergency rooms for their personal doctors and filling our jails. Now the L.A. City council has the chutzpah to demand that private business aid illegals by making them more comfortable when they search for work?

    What’s next? Benches for the off ramp beggars who hold up traffic collecting money from softheaded simpletons who actually believe those “will work for food” signs? Shelters for panhandlers in front of AM/PM so they don’t get sunburned while they’re telling you a sob story about lost jobs, dead dogs and harsh childhoods and begging for a dollar so they can just “grab a burger?” Or how about a city sponsored Dial-A-Ride for burglars who just can’t afford a car yet?

    Where does the madness stop? When are these cities going to be held accountable for aiding criminal activities?

    The head of Los Angeles-based National Day Laborer Organizing Network (I guess it’s kind of like a union without the political ball busting and dues) Pablo Alvarado, had this to say;

    "We welcome it, we need it. The workers deserve it."

    The workers DESERVE it? Since when does anyone DESERVE to have the government force businesses to aid and abet illegal behavior? Since when does illegal behavior deserve anything beyond punishment? I will tell you since when….since we fell down on the job and started electing morons like Councilman Eric Garcetti who had this to say after the council passed the ordinance;

    "This is an important day, this is an example for the nation."

    This is an example for the nation? Maybe an example of what a city should not do. Don’t forget, these private businesses being forced to build these shelters will pass along the costs to us, and since they will most likely “donate” the materials they will most likely write them off on taxes which means they have turned a minus into a double plus for themselves.

    Perhaps the remark of the day which captures the essence of idiocy within the L.A. City Council was uttered by former L.A. City Police Chief turned City Councilman Bernard C. Parks.

    Bernard C. Parks, who first proposed the ordinance four years ago, said that this was just the first phase and that he planned to address existing home improvement stores next. said the businesses needed to be held accountable for their role in attracting dayworkers.

    Instead of holding businesses accountable for attracting dayworkers why aren’t we holding our politicians accountable for not enforcing the law? Why aren’t we holding the L.A.City Council and the L.A.P.D. accountable for adhering to Special Order 40, which prohibits our officers from asking about the immigration status of those they come in contact with? It is an officers duty to uphold the laws of the land, and local officers should uphold federal laws as well. If they refuse to uphold immigration laws they should be precluded from upholding other laws the federal government takes a special interest in such as bank robbery.

    If you rob a bank the FBI is there in a jiffy as bank robbery is a federal crime. So if the L.A.P.D. isn’t going to bother with immigration because it’s a federal matter they should at least turn a blind eye to bank robbery also.

    On the other side of this issue is the Minutemen, who have been on the front lines of the illegal immigration fight for awhile now. Many Minutemen (and members of Save Our State, a California based anti-illegal immigrant group) have been fighting against these very day laborer centers and what I want to know is are the cities going to force businesses to build shelters to keep the Minutemen and Save Our Staters out of the sun and off of the sidewalks? Who is going to show some compassion for those patriots who spend their days bringing to light the failures of our politicians and exposing what our devil-may-care attitude towards who is running our country has caused to happen?

    At the end of the day building shelters for day laborers, no matter how kind it may seem, only serves to place those day laborers out of the publics eye and mind, thereby serving to shield the politicians, and ourselves, from the failure of the American Citizens to do their job and run their country.

    We should all be damned ashamed of ourselves.


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