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    Beyond the walls of the Kingdom of Logic, where order reigns supreme, lies the Realm of Common Sense. The Realm was once expansive and peopled with the citizens of many countries and they lived in Harmony by adhering to the Principles of Common Sense. These days the population of the Realm is shrinking, with those stalwart holdouts from a bygone era often finding themselves under attack by the denizens of the Land Beyond the Realm.

    The Land Beyond the Realm is called the Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness. The Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness encroaches upon the Realm, shrinking it more each year. The Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness is a land of utter chaos and Absolute Relativism, where each action is weighed against every other action and nothing is called Evil lest it springs from the Founts of Assured Knowledge which has its headwaters in the Kingdom of Logic.

    Out in the Vast Wasteland actions which would never occur in the Kingdom of Logic or the Realm of Common Sense are common place. It is a land devoid of thought and lacking color beyond its’ myriad shades of gray. A land where Freedom of Speech is oppressed and writers are accused of “flagrant islamophobia.” A land where 12 year old girls petition a court of law to overturn the punishment they receive by their father for disobeying his rules and posting provocative pictures of themselves on the web.

    Once upon a time (yes this is a fairy tale because it discusses the fantasy of a parent being the responsible party in raising their child) in the Realm of Common Sense there was a man who met a woman and they fell in love. This has very little bearing on the story in a modern sense, because feminism has relegated men to a secondary and almost solely financial role in the bearing and raising of children but I felt I should point out that the couple fell in love so we could keep the whole fairy tale flavor of this tale.

    After they fell in love they did what most couples who fall in love do, which is get married. You will notice I said “couples”, because in these days of Political Correctness Monitors actually mentioning (again) that it was a man and woman who fell in love and were married may hurt the feelings of some Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered individual who, if they are Canadian, could drag me into the Canadian Human Rights Commission of Nonsense and Nannystatist Policy Wonks and demand I start thinking “correctly” and honestly the legal bills would bankrupt me. So we can leave it at “what most couples do.”

    Eventually these two people did what two people who are of the opposite sex and engaged in the traditional state of marriage have done throughout all of recorded history which was they created a child. This was a child of the female sex, anatomically speaking, although in the land they mentally resided in, The Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness, this child will be able to consider itself whatever it wishes when it reaches and Age of Reason. Physically these people resided in a land called Canada which, not completely coincidentally, is one of the physical manifestations of the Vast Wasteland. To the Canadian Court system the Age of Reason seems to be twelve years old. So this girl child is well within her rights to consider herself whatever she wishes now, as she is, indeed, twelve years old.

    The girl child, as all teenaged children in modern countries are apt to do, engaged in internet activities. Her father, being a man of sound mind and knowing what it is teenaged boys want, having been a teen aged boy once himself, forbid his precious girl child from accessing some of the sites on the internet. One cannot blame him as he was only acting in a way which any decent and loving father who was raising a girl child in today’s world would act. The girl child, being a teenager and acting as teenagers have acted throughout all of recorded history, decided to disobey her father and access those forbidden websites from a friends computer. If she had simply done this and gone no further her father would most likely have known no different and all would have been quiet in the Vast Wasteland.

    However the girl child did more than simply check the banned websites. She posted pictures of herself which have been called “inappropriate for her age.” Posting pictures of oneself online at the tender age of twelve is not something any right thinking individual encourages in their children and the fathers’ ire was great and he, being a right thinking individual, punished his daughter.

    Most fairy tale father/daughter punishments involve the daughter being locked away in the highest room in the tallest tower of a lonely and forgotten castle in a far off land, usually guarded by a fierce dragon or a spell cast by an evil witch who the father presumably hired for this purpose.

    This was not the case with this tale. The father, presumably not having access to the highest room in the tallest tower of a lonely and forgotten castle in a far off land and knowing that actually finding a dragon who will work for such pitiful wages such as “All the Heroes you can eat” decided instead to ground his daughter.

    Grounding is a time honored practice whereby the parent puts restrictions on their child such as “No TV for a week”, “No going outside to play after school” or, as was the case in this instance “No going on the school field trip you have been looking forward to” and the child abides by these restrictions and, hopefully, learns their lesson and won’t repeat the offending behavior.

    Only this child refused to abide by the time honored roles of parent/child relationships, deciding instead to sue her father for her freedom and right to attend the field trip. In the Realm of Common Sense this suit would have been summarily tossed out, perhaps even with a fine for the lawyer who would possess the drool inducing intelligence level to actually believe this suit had merit and dared to waste a judge’s precious time with it.

    Not in Canada. The judge, Justice Suzanne Tessier, decided she knew better than the father and reversed the grounding as being too harsh. In the Realm of Common Sense people would quickly ask Justice Tessier if she would be willing to, say, raise the child of the twelve year old if, for example, the twelve year old met someone on the internet who saw her inappropriate photos and decided to meet with her and start up a relationship.

    Even more disturbing to the citizens of the Realm, who completely encourage the father to discipline his daughter and try to keep her safe from the sexual deviants who crawl the internet searching for inappropriate pictures of twelve year old girls whom they can then try to have sex with, is the question of who is responsible if the girl child’s internet activities lead to her untimely demise at the hands of one of the aforementioned perverts? Would Justice Tessier denounce the father if he hunted down this mythical pervert and took justice into his own hands? Or would Justice Tessier admit her culpability in taking away the father ability to discipline and protect his own child?

    Apparently in the Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness the State knows better than the parents of the children, and those of us still lucky enough to reside in the Realm wonder how long it will be before the State simply steps in and takes the children away to be properly cared for and raised by those who know better than those of us whose sole reason for living is to raise a good human and decent citizen.

    After having observed the events in the Vast Wasteland of Political Correctness I am certain the father would not only be held responsible for avenging his daughters death at the hands of a pervert but he would probably be sued for creating such a temptress and luring the pervert into a life of depravity. Luckily the girl child still lives and as far as this writer knows is in little danger from perverts on the internet, but give Justice Tessier a chance and I am sure in time she’ll come up with a ruling which takes away the last protections a parent can enact on a child and finally the state can raise our children for us.

    The End


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