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    The horror and blind stupidity of this story is somewhere in geosynchronous orbit. In Philadelphia a toddlers body was found inside of a suitcase and authorities claim he ended up there as a result of being starved to death for refusing to say the word "amen" after meals.

    Ria Ramkissoon, the mother of Javon Thompson, was charged Sunday with first-degree murder in the boy's death. Baltimore police said Monday that three other members of a group called 1 Mind Ministries have also been charged with first-degree murder. Police and Ramkissoon's family say the group is a cult.

    His own mother apparently took part in the "punishment" of her son, and indeed held him as he died. Her family thinks she shouldn't be punished as events were beyond her control.

    Ramkissoon's family said she should not be held responsible for her son's death. "She had no control over that situation at all," her stepfather, Craig Newton, said Monday.

    First off this woman should never be allowed to have a child again. Maybe even ordering her to stay away from all children is a good idea. We do it to child molesters, why shouldn't we do it to people who are so depraved as to let their own child starve to death for not saying a fucking word?

    You know what? Fuck that too. This woman should be locked up for the rest of her natural life. I also can't understand the other members of this cult not giving a damn about someone else's kid and letting him starve to death. What kind of sick fucks are we dealing with here? All of these people should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Hopefully Pennsylvania has the death penalty.

    This is where the whole eye for an eye thing would come in handy. These useless wastes wanna adhere to some religious edicts so scrupulously as to let a toddler starve to death then let's adhere to the whole eye for an eye bit and lock them in a room and let them know what this child knew before his body surrendered his soul. Better yet chain them to a wall and put out a spread of food that would shame a King's table and let them suffer as much as possible.

    Another good question is where the hell is the dad?

    These people don't deserve one ounce of sympathy for letting that child die from lack of food. All they deserve is the same agonizing death they forced Javon Thompson to endure.



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