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    Roberto Barreto explains what he sees as a culture of hatred towards illegal aliens and blames race baiting by talk show hosts for the beating death of mexican immigrant Luis Ramírez in Shenandoah, Pa.

    He says;

    While Ramírez's death should not go unpunished, the fundamental reasons behind his death should be at the forefront of the discussion. Ramírez's attackers--like so many residents of the area--have been subjected to a hysterical campaign against immigration.


    Politicians and big corporations have promoted hate and used fear tactics to scapegoat immigrants, blaming them for the economic crisis.

    I agree that Ramirez's death should not go unpunished but the campaign against illegal immigration is anything but hysterical. We have been flooded with illegals aliens, most of them directly from Mexico. Mexico publishes small comic books to explain to their citizens how to reach the U.S. safely. I have always thought they made those pamphlets in comic book form because that is the average level of literacy in Mexico.

    Our emergency rooms are swamped night and day with illegals using them as a primary care doctor, forcing many of them to close when they reach a point of either closing or going bankrupt altogether. Our schools are flooded with children whose first language is not english, forcing our schools to use valuable resources to teach english as a second langauge instead of teaching our children to read and write. Our jails are stuffed with gang members who are illegal aliens and the jobs traditionally held by our children as stepping stones into the real world workplace have been taken over by illegals who don't use them as stepping stones but rather as low paying careers so they can keep the pesos flowing back home to the families they left behind.

    A racist movement called Aztlan agitates for the reclamation of the Southewest United States, which they wrongfully claim was stolen from Mexico (truth; It was sold to the U.S. after Mexico had their ass handed to them in the Mexican-American war) and protests claiming "this is our continent" are common. They even will tag stories on their site with "ALTA CALIFORNIA" which is the old Spanish name for what Americans call California.
    The number one television station in the country is KMEX, a spanish language station in Los Angeles. One reason is of course the astounding number of "latinos" in Los Angeles. The other is the fact (and I am certain to be called names for this) so many people who speak spanish are sitting home in front of the television AND the nannies of thsoe who are out working are also tuning into KMEX.

    It is increasingly appearing as if Southern California is a lost cause.

    When our government finally does its job and starts raiding the job sites where illegals are working or deporting them straight from prison the ACLU and immigrant groups complain we are being racist and mean. However if our government dos not step up and do the job we expect of them and deport those illegals they do find and fine the employers who hire them you will see more of this happening.

    Add in the fact of Ramirez having children with an American woman who was his common law wife and you have a recipe for disaster.

    There will be more instances of immigrants being beaten to death in our streets as this problem worsens. The time to act was years ago. Our government is not doing their job because as citizens we are not doing ours, which is to pay attention to what our elected leaders are doing and make them do what we as a nation feel they should be doing.

    We are a nation of laws and all who are here are expected to abide by them, no exceptions. When you come here illegally and use our resources, take our jobs and make our lives unnecessarily harder some people will lose their patience and take matters into their own hands.

    Is it right?

    Hell no.

    Can you blame them?

    Not a bit.


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