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    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics we had, as of April 2006
    143,688,000 people in the work force with a 4.7 percent unemployment rate.

    Now, I am not gonna run the math on this. I will let someone else that isn't as tired as I do that, but it seems to my sleep deprived old brain that rounding that 4.7 up to five, and grabbing five percent of 143.6 million you are looking at, what? Seven and a half million people unemployed?

    With that many unemployed people out there why the hell are we letting in over a million people a year? Legally? Add in 12 million criminal aliens and, (you see where I am going don't you?) and what do you got?

    A whole lot of people stealing jobs from Americans, THAT'S WHAT!!!!

    Don't give me that whole "Americans won't do that work" bullshit. Make unemployment something harder to get (better yet demolish the damned thing and teach people to SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY!!!) and pretty soon people will be gladly doing those jobs that criminal aliens do.

    As long as we have unemployment we shouldn't import workers....That makes no damned sense to me...Does it make sense to you?


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