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    The Japanese government, enacting new measures to fight terrorism, will soon be photographing and fingerprinting foreigners that go there to visit.

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Foreigners arriving in Japan will be photographed and fingerprinted on arrival as part of measures to prevent terrorism, under a measure approved by Japan's parliament Wednesday.
    Civic groups and lawyers have said the legislation, approved by parliament's upper house, risks breaching human rights and invading individuals' privacy.

    I wonder if Japan has a version of the ACLU?

    We do it here, it only stands to reason that other countries, especially our allies, enact similar measures to protect themselves.

    Some Japanese are worried that the program would violate "constitutional requirement to treat people with respect."

    A "constitutional requirement to treat people with respect?" sounds like the ACLU had a hand in writing that bit of fluff, doesn't it?


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