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    Amidst record high gas prices a rumor heard on a radio station that a refinery was going to be reopened caused a minor uproar regarding the environment yadayadayada.

    It wasn't true.
    In July 2001, Cenco formally abandoned plans to restart refinery operations at the 95-acre plant after residents and environmental activities lobbied state and regional air quality officials. Now, the company is in the midst of selling off what is left of the old refinery's equipment, while city officials pursue plans to redevelop the site.

    Too bad. If we had more refining capacity we could make more gas, which would make gas cheaper.

    How come the envirowackos and the rest of the left can't come up with one damned solution?
    Had the Cenco refinery opened, it likely would not have produced enough gasoline to make any significant impact on today's high prices, Morse added, describing Cenco as "a very small refinery." It would have produced "only 50,000 barrels a day" had it reopened, he said.

    Just how many "very small refineries" have been closed due to pressure from envirowackos? While one refinery isn't going to make a difference, keep adding in a bunch of small refineries and pretty soon you get a whole lot of refining capability.
    The plant is near several small industrial parks, an elementary school, a residential neighborhood and a senior citizen housing complex.

    You can't win with these people. Take a refinery away from all of that stuff that this refinery is located around and what do you have? A refinery in "a pristine wilderness area" and you can't go there either. Has any of you EVER heard an envirowacko state something along the lines of "really that entire valley is useless so the best thing to do is place a refinery there."?

    As I said, you just can't win with these guys.


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