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    First off I want to say thank you so kindly to all who have posted on my wall on facebook (and other places, you know who you are and I am tired of cleaning those comments off of my own bathroom wall) the barrage of well wishes. Today I turn 40. Not a great accomplishment for most. Given that at two and a half years old I was given less than a week to live, I would say 40 is, indeed, one hell of an accomplishment.

    Though I am beset what some call major health issues, they never stop me. I hate whiny crybabies who let minor things set them back or keep them from living life as fully as they possibly can and I refuse to be one.

    To my old friends, from faire, sfvrc, SPR, WAR, TWA and staclu; thank you for standing by me as you have. You never let me down, never let me quit and have always been there when I needed you most. I hope I have returned the favor when needed.

    To the new ones who have been appearing in droves (facebook and twitter are from HELL I tell you) may this be the start of many years of great friendship, hearty laughs and shared adventures.

    God Bless you all, and thank you. Now as my gift to you, a bit of doggerel;

    For four decades I've trod these boards
    Forty years behind this mask
    Polite applause, no booing please, a rose is all I ask
    For forty years I've been surprised at what life had in store
    So here's to watching life unfold
    At least for forty more


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