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You can say anything you want here. But if you get stupid I reserve the right to point it out, call you lots of inventive names and laugh like hell.

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Note: "right" either means this blogger is correct or that they lean right. I know what I mean by it. How do you take it?

Iraqi Blogs

The Other Side Of The Street

New York Liberals that aren't all that bad
(for NY Libs)
The name say it all
(Pissed Liberals)
Luna Kitten
See? I told you I had a liberal friend!!!

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    Blog Archive

    I live in the land of sunshine and chicks
    Of finely made cleavage and movie star dicks
    The city it stretches for many a mile
    Drive all day long see a thousand fake smiles
    From the coast to the mountains it lies like a scar
    Where you must ride the bus if you aint got a car
    It is peopled with folks from all o'er the place
    Of every creed, every country and every race
    We got bums who were stars and stars who were bums
    Out here enough money turns rivals to chums
    We claim the Car Culture and we give you the shows
    With weekly cliffhangers to keep you on your toes
    We have stars on our sidewalks and pie in the sky
    Where a deal is a deal is a deal is a lie
    We've got earthquakes and mudslides and large forest fires
    You can't hear birds singing for the squeal of the tires
    But I wouldn't trade any of this home of mine
    From the mountains to seaside she looks mighty fine
    From the shores of Redondo on up to the Valley
    I love living in this strange place We call Cali


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