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        "Those Honored Dead"
        "Why do you fly the flag today?"
        My Grandson wants to know.
        I fly it for the graveyards
        Where the countless crosses grow.

        I fly the flag for children
        Whose fathers are a name.
        A half-remembered memory
        of a face within a frame.

        I fly it for the families
        of sons and daughters lost.
        They know the price of liberty
        How terrible the cost!

        I fly the flag for veterans
        who lost their youth in blood.
        And saw their comrades slaughtered
        in the carnage and the mud.

        I fly it for the ones who marched
        In cadence off to war
        To close their eyes forever
        Upon some foreign shore.

        I fly the flag for grief poured out
        Upon a granite wall.
        The laying-on of hands that heals
        The scars within us all.

        I fly it for the sound of Taps---
        That melancholy tune
        That lays to rest those honored dead
        Who always die too soon.

        Copyright 1994 Marion G. Mahoney


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