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    *OK so it's a day early....I have officially lost track of days...not having a set schedule for work and doing the same thing everyday (get up at dawn, have coffee, ride bike, work out, run on machine while checking emails, hang out with Ultra Cool Sarcastic Son, sometimes go to work at lucrative job, flirt and have sushi before sliding home at some ungodly hour to do it all again) makes one lose track of the fact that days have names for a reason.

    In a new feature here in KM we bring you maudlin mondays. Each monday morning a post will go up not suited for those of you addicted to the snark about politics which is the usual stock in trade here. I am simply not in a snarky mood regarding politics lately. I have much bigger (to me) things on my mind. Besides, you guys are doing a bang up job. So here's todays Maudlin Post.

    Raindrops on a rose

    I saw raindrops perched so soft
    Upon a rose this morn
    As I awoke to watch the dawn
    To see the new day born
    The skies were clouded o’er in
    A slate hued shade of grey
    I thought it fitting that the sky
    Would match my heart this way
    I saw raindrops perched with care
    Upon a rose this day
    Reminding me of times since past
    When at love we would play
    Her petals lay in sweet repose
    They shimmered in the air
    They drew forth thoughts of petals flushed
    As gently you lay there
    For seeing drops upon the rose
    Reminded me of you
    It’s sad how memories can come
    From seeing morning dew
    I saw raindrops perched so softly
    On a rose it’s true
    Which caused my soul to weep again
    With memories of you


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