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    I will keep this short and sweet.

    I despise you.

    Let's not mince words.

    You disgust me.

    Socialism takes away the greatness of the human spirit. Without the possibility of abject failure the possibility of true success cannot be possible.

    Imagine a ladder. Imagine a wall that stretches for infinity and has ladders all along it.

    In your system the ladders are ten feet tall, at a 45 degree angle and bolted to a wall and there are cushions beneath it. All but the most inept creatures make it up their ladder, to mingle with all of the others that have made it up their ladder.

    Where is the glory? Where are the people that have conquered adversity to rise up and shine as an example for the rest of us?

    In your system, they simply don't exist.

    Now imagine that wall is now higher than you can see. It disappears into the clouds, and lining it are ladders leaning up close to the wall, not bolted on, and there are no cushions below to break your fall. Once you start climbing the ladder you find that every so often there is a level place where you can step off and stay if you wish. But you find that the higher you climb, the more enjoyable are the amenities.

    Which ladder do you want to try to climb?

    I want to climb that ladder into the clouds. Oh sure, I know I may fall, but the rewards are greater the higher I climb. I don't want to climb the little ladder and be mingling with the people that also made it up that ladder. Where is the glory in that?

    Where is the greatness of the human spirit?

    You folks that believe we should have a more equal outcome, and that life isn't fair, want to set up the system to give everyone short ladders on an easy climb.

    And that is because you are cowards.

    You are so scared of actually failing that you want to live in a system that takes away the possibility of failure, and to hide that cowardice you hide your intentions in alleged goals of "helping our fellow man."

    Help them do what? Be mediocre? Be run of the mill? Help them be just like everyone else? Help them be cowardly like you?

    You socialists are so craven that you cringe at the thought of anyone actually succeeding, and hide behind platitudes and feel good language all the while hoping that nobody realizes what weak creatures you really are, and you sit around with a smug air of superiority that deep down you know is a hypocritical lie, and you grow to hate yourselves for it.

    I am ashamed to share a planet with you.

    I am ashamed to share DNA with you.

    To those of you in the U.S. I am doubly ashamed to share a country with you. (move to france)

    I am ashamed that there are humans so scared of life, so terrified of actually being a human and failing, that you advocate a system to make failure the only possible outcome for all.

    I just wish you knew what it felt like to be ashamed, but you have no more shame. Your fear has overcome all of your other emotions, and you are leading us down a path that is going to make humanity much duller, less colorful and simply pointless.

    Thanks for that.

    Now hang your head and cry.


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