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    Dr Gene Rogers, the former Medical Director of Sacramento County's Indigent Services program has been fired for questioning why illegals are given non emergency health care while our own citizens go without.

    In a negative work review Program Manager Nancy Gilberti wrote:

    "I am concerned that you continue to focus on patients' immigration status, which is outside your and [the] program's purview."

    Mrs. Gilberti's remarks reflect a prevailing culture that has emerged in government: a culture that will not tolerate anyone who dares to draw a distinction between American citizens and illegal immigrants. It is a culture that now pervades police departments, public schools and universities, social services and health care.

    Dr Rogers has filed a lawsuit, which is currently in appeal in Federal Court. Last year a nervous Latino Legislative Caucus in California pushed through a special bill by state Sen. Deborah Ortiz that explicitly allows counties to "opt" to provide non-emergency medical care to illegal immigrants.

    Dr Rogers explains:

    "I've seen cases and case histories of patients who essentially have come up from Mexico for the express purpose of being treated here, and then leaving to return home. I've watched illegal immigrants brazenly demand free, non-emergency health care that was meant for our poorest citizens. I've heard them and their families complain. They feel entitled to it."

    That the state bureaucrats continued to provide services to illegals while cutting budgets is a travesty of justice and complete failure to do their actual job, which is taking care of CITIZENS.

    For those that do not understand the difference between a citizen and an illegal let me clarify. Citizen are those here legally, those born here and those naturalized here (although those born here to illegal parents should not be citizens, but we'll work on getting the 14th Amendment re-interpreted later), while those that are illegal are those that sneak into the country without permission.

    The fact that our citizens are not being taken care of while illegals are demanding and getting non emergency medial care is bad, but the fact that the medical director loses his job over demanding that our bureaucrats do their job and follow the law is an injustice.

    But now for the meat of the post.

    This smacks of.....RACISM.

    That's right, I said it. A white guy speaks out about illegals (mostly mexican) getting free non emergency health care while his fellow citizens went without is fired by people in a bureaucracy that actively works to give away services to illegals while taking them away from our citizens, who are the rightful recipients of our tax dollars.

    So now we have white guys that are speaking out against injustice and illegal activities being fired for his courage while the Legal Mexican Mafia comes up with special bills that make those illegal activities appear more legit all the while stealing non emergency health care away from the tax paying citizens of this state while giving it to mexcian citizens for free.

    No wonder they march in our streets demanding rights and feel entitled to free health care, education and housing.

    How long are we going to let this travesty continue?


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