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    Apparently being an illegal alien is not illegal.

    So if actually BEING in the country illegally is not illegal (unless one has been deported already, THEN it's a felony. Is driving without a license really illegal?

    It seems that ILLEGAL ENTRY is a crime, but sticking around isn't. So if I break into someone's house, it is still breaking and entering, but is it still trespassing?

    And while we are on points to ponder, how about a little Affirmative Action in the NFL?

    See? Affirmative Action works like this:

    You aren't as good as we are at this, so we're gonna give you an extra point for the color of your skin. Now, since the fastest runners in the world seem to be black for the last many years, it would stand to reason that blac----excuse me----African-Am----NO, SCREW THAT DAMMIT----BLACK folks are just plain faster runners than white folks, but there are plenty of white guys in the NFL.

    So here's what I propose. We either make the goal line for the white guys out at, oh I don't know, maybe the five yard line, or we give the white guys an extra couple of points for actually scoring a touchdown.

    We could do that same for basketball. Give the white guys three point instead of two for a regular shot, four for something past the three point line and two for a free throw.

    Maybe even let it carry over to baseball huh? Or for white guys shorten up the baseline to maybe 80 feet instead of 90.

    Whaddya think?


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