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    OK....a big tip o' me tam to me blogbud Ogre for pointing me at this absolute treasure trove of Things to Make You Go "Well no FUCKIN'DUH!!!"

    It's a report titled "Day laborers have it tough, survey finds", and is a report about the *gasp* horrid treatment that criminal aliens receive at the hands of their equally criminal employers.

    For those that wish to read the article for themselves you can find it right here. But I will be pretty much tearing the article apart section by section.

    The first nationwide study on day laborers has found that they are a nationwide phenomenon, with 117,600 people gathering at more than 500 hiring sites to look for work on a typical day.

    The survey found that three-fourths of day laborers were illegal immigrants and about half said employers had cheated them on wages in the previous two months.

    Remember that bit about three comes into play later in a big, fat, "show someone lied" way. Now, given the estimated number of criminal aliens in the U.S. has been given as being between 6 and 20 million, we will give a small benefit of the doubt and take the Center for Immigration Studies Census Bureau number of 8-9 million criminal aliens in the country. With just under one hundred and twenty thousand gathering at day labor sites a day, that leaves an awful lot of those criminals unaccounted for.....but we must remember that many of them are standing on corners and gathering in lots that aren't, technically, a "day labor center, and many others are already at work in the fields, the kitchens and the yards of other criminals, namely those that hire them. (I wonder what the unemployment rate for criminal aliens is?)

    By the way, having grown tired of signs at protests that say "No Human is Illegal" I have decided to call these criminal interlopers for what they are.....CRIMINALS. I await a sign that says "No Human is Criminal". Anyway.

    The study found that 49 percent of day laborers were employed by homeowners and 43 percent by construction contractors. They were found to be employed most frequently as construction laborers, landscapers, painters, roofers and drywall installers.

    I know construction laborers that have lost their jobs to criminal aliens that are paid less. I used to pay a landscaper 15 an hour because I am not a hypocrite, and he was a hard working American citizen trying to make a living. I have a good friend that is a painter, and scrapes by because it is cheaper to hire criminal aliens than pay a man running a legal business a decent wage.

    The study, based on interviews with 2,660 workers at 264 hiring sites in 20 states and the District of Columbia, found that day laborers earned a median of $10 an hour and $700 a month. The study said only a small number earned more than $15,000 a year.

    Ok...first, lets look at that sample....interviewing 2,660 workers at 264 hiring sites equals about 10 workers at each site. How they came up with the magic figure of 117,600 people a day at these sites is beyond me, unless they took what they counted and multiplied it by 500, but that equals just over 130,000 so I am wondering on where they pulled this number from.

    Now, leaving aside the fact that the criminal aliens they were talking to were the ones that, obviously, didn't get hired, I believe it is safe to say that these guys weren't a good representation of day laborers, as most of the hardcore workers were probably already hired for the day, so we can surmise these are the "newbies" or the slackers....but I back on topic we see that these guys are making ten dollars an hour? For their MEDIAN INCOME??????? Minimum wage is WAY less than that!!!! And at ten an hour, making an average income of 700 a month means that, (since taxes aren't taken out) you are working about 70 hours a month.....that is a PART TIME JOB. And as for "only a small number earned more than $15,000 a year" I supposed to feel bad that criminals are having a hard time making a living? Most of them are sending that 15K back to MX anyway.....and what if that 15K is what they make AFTER they send their pesos home to Guadalupe Maria? I bet most criminal aliens make a better living than many American Citizens.

    We soldier on;

    The professors who conducted the study said the most surprising finding was the pervasiveness of wage violations and dangerous conditions that day laborers faced.

    Boofuckinghoo......criminals hire criminals and then won't pay....go tell a cop, ICE and tell 'em your "employee rights" have been violated, then get a lawyer and sue.

    Forty-nine percent of those interviewed said that in the previous two months, an employer had not paid them for one or more days' work. Forty-four percent said some employers did not give them any breaks during the workday, while 28 percent said employers had insulted them.

    Oh how absolutely fucking tragic. Twenty eight percent were insulted...notice that the number of criminals that didn't get a break was higher than the number of criminals that were insulted.....these people have a lot to learn.....most Americans would be very insulted if they didn't get a break.

    Nine percent of day laborers reported having been arrested while waiting for work, while 11 percent reported receiving police citations and 37 percent reported being chased away. Nineteen percent said merchants had insulted them, and 15 percent said merchants had not let them use their restrooms or make purchases.

    OK.....back to the opening paragraph of the story; three-fourths of day laborers were illegal immigrants, and that would equate to 75%, but only nine percent report having been arrested while waiting for my math that is (multiply and carry that one...decimal there...) WAY TOO DAMNED FEW CRIMINALS BEING ARRESTED!!!!!! As for the rest of that paragraph, I will use a line Ogre used here and say "Imagine that? People NOT wanting to deal with criminals."

    Now...remember that part at the front of the story where I told you to remember that bit about "three fourths" because it would come into play in a big way? Here is that bit.

    The survey found that 59 percent of day laborers were from Mexico and 28 percent from Central America, while 7 percent were born in the United States. Sixty percent of the immigrant workers said day labor was their first occupation in the United States.

    Work with me here in 94% of people polled are represented by this demographic breakdown, so leaving the missing 6% I wish to know this;

    How is there such a disparity betweeen the "7 percent were born in the united states" and the quarter that are supposed to be legal immigrants? Seven percent vs twenty five percent.....that is a serious disparity. Are we to believe that legal immigrants, people that have shown they have a skill to support themselves and been allowed to enter the country, (regardless of what one may think America's legal immigration policy isn't "first come, first served") are sitting at day labor centers with the criminals that flouted the very laws and ideals that legal immigrants adhered to for a chance to come to the greatest country on the planet?

    Jesus in a Uhaul van, man.....that is UTTER BULLSHIT!!!! Every legal immigrant I know, (and that list starts with Luca Zanna), despises the criminals even more than those of us born here. Every one of them.

    The study said the number of day laborers had soared because of the surge of immigrants, the boom in homebuilding and renovation, the construction industry's growing use of temporary workers, and the volatility of the job market

    No...the number of day labor centers have soared because cities don't have the balls to enforce the laws they should, and are trying to keep a growing menace confined to a smaller area and stave off legal citizen complaints about litter, crime and criminals.

    So there you have it folks. A whole sub-culture of criminal aliens and the criminals that hire them. I refuse to feel sorry for criminals that don't get paid, get no breaks or get insulted by their employers.....I only wish the government would crack down on the employers for them getting hurt on the job? I don't want to see that happen, because we just end up paying for it in the emergency room......and ERs should report suspected fact, I may be in favor of socialized medicine IF we round up EVERY SINGLE CRIMINAL ALIEN, SECURE THE BORDER, clamp down on immgration, (legal and not) and PASS and ENFORCE LAWS about having to be a CITIZEN to get that medical care....but that's a post for another day.


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