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    Would someone out there, anyone with a shred of sense that is, please tell me why there is anyone at all who is considered smarter than a bivalve still willing to vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

    I can understand going along with the thought that we need more social programs as we now have at least two generations thoroughly indoctrinated in the belief of government as caretaker.

    I can understand going along with the mistaken promise to let the Bush tax cuts expire under the falsehood of "it's taxes on the rich."

    I can even understand the misplaced white guilt vote coming from millions of brainwashed dullards that think we have a racism problem in this country.

    But going along with a man who claims the law enforcement of the very country he is trying to become President of are terrorists for doing the job they were hired to do, are sworn to do in fact is simply beyond belief.

    There are only two possible conclusions to the fact that this man still has supporters.

    One is that his followers truly do believe that law enforcement are terrorists, in which case I defy them to refrain from calling 911 the next time they find themselves in dire straights.

    The second, and much more plausible answer by my thinking is that his followers really are idiots.

    Utter morons.

    Creatures of such stupendously low intelligence that breathing must be a full time job for them.

    There are simply no other choices. They either really hate this country or they are complete and utter....well, face it, there is no level of intelligence yet defined in the english language to define how blindingly stupid these people must be.

    So to all you Obamaniacs out there, please explain to me if you really hate this country so much that you want it to open it's borders and become the third world cesspool so many are fleeing from or are you just that fucking stupid?


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