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    Since I have introduced you to the crew in my head I am going to relate one of the pivotal moments in my life that caused me to have a great understanding of women. It was an epiphany, if you will, and may cause a few of the gals that read this page on a regular basis to want to slap me but I offer this bit as insight into women in general.

    Guys? Sit back and relax, you're gonna enjoy this.

    The Relationship Between Tompions and Tampons.
    (or why women and very big cannons are so similar)

    Do you know what a "tompion" is?

    It is the plug that goes into the barrels of large cannons. Like those big guns on battle ships? They keep out the sea water and the birds and all the other detritus that would foul a barrel.

    When I learned of this word some years ago a light went off in my head. Actually, a light bulb exploded in my head. Yes, it went dark for awhile, but the Light of Truth and Knowledge is more than enough to read by, so I stoically soldiered on in search of the Truth I knew was out there.

    You see, when that light exploded the crew in my head were trying to read a warning sign that said ***Suspicious Relationship Detected*** and they were at that moment relaying signals to me informing me that I needed to research this word at once.

    So I did.

    "Tompion" is from the old Germanic word "tapon" which translated literally means "a rag to plug a hole with". I mused on that for a moment until further orders came from Operational Command, (hereafter known as "OPCOM") to investigate further. They also sent the message that if I needed another clue they would disengage my commonsense capacitor, and not wanting to register Democrat, I immediately thought that the word tompion was suspiciously close to tampon and checked on the origin of tampon.

    (you see this coming don't you?)

    Of course they both have the same root word.

    That is fitting.....

    For you see, a tompion and a tampon are both plugs for a hole that can be deadly to you if you are on the wrong side of it when it goes off.

    Need proof?


    (credit my cousin Orm for this observation) Women often say they are going to the "powder room".

    Makes more sense now doesn't it?


    loboinok said...

    Your posts are always so interesting and witty, my friend.! I'd like to talk to you tonight if you can find the time. Hope to see you at the chat.

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