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    I am going to go ahead at do what so many in the right hand side of the blogosphere are not doing right now and post the Larry Sinclair video where he is claiming he had homosexual sex with Barack Obama in his limo after doing coke in 1999.

    Jeff Rense, a well known conspiracy theorist show host had Larry on his show recently, and you can hear the replay of the

    I don't know if the allegations are true or not, and I imagine if they aren't then Mr. Sinclair will soon find himself embroiled in legal wranglings that may very well bankrupt him, if, that is he has any assets to go after.

    There is some thought that this may be a hit piece from the Clinton Campaign Machine, and boyo would THAT be a bombshell of a story, and with all the things the Clintons have been involved in I wouldn't put anything past them. If it is a hit from the Clintonistas, what have they offered Mr. Sinclair, or probably more to the truth of the matter, what do they have on Mr. Sinclair that would make him open himself up to such legal ramifications like this?

    Either way I am simply going to let you decide if this is an actual issue, or a smear piece by an ever more desperate campaign of criminally minded "public servants" that see a long planned return to the White House thwarted by an inexperienced Senator with a great skill at orating and a public hungry to hear the empty but promising platitudes he spews at every opportunity.

    One last note; Funny how this thing came out just as South Carolina was ramping up.


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