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    I was going to call this post "Put Up Or Shut Up, The Master Plan to Utterly Destroy the Democratic Socialists and Rake Hillary and Her Ilk into the Dustbin of History" but that was simply too long of a title.

    Like most men I do a little contemplating each and every day, usually while sitting in traffic or on the can. Men think best when they are either under pressure or sitting alone, and I have never known a man to get a good idea while a woman was around unless that idea involved said woman becoming nude at the earliest possible moment, but that is a post for another day.

    So today sitting in traffic I came up with an idea so brilliant in its' simplicity, so utterly daring, so astoundingly forward thinking that if we can pull it off we will be considered, in the history books under Ideas that Saved the Republic, second only to the Greatest Generation that saved the world from Jewless Fascism.....or maybe the third greatest if you count the lads that fought the civil war....nono...fourth greatest (can't forget about the Revolution can we?) so we would, if we do this, be the fourth greatest generation of American Patriots ever.

    Now before I get into this plan I must say it is going to take serious sacrifice. It is going to take ignoring principles and doing something you never thought you would be doing, but I am convinced that radical times take radical measures, and this plan, once it is unveiled in all its' glory, will save the republic and destroy democratic socialism. When I outline step two you are gonna wanna quit reading, but you must soldier on to step three, for that is where the plan gets brilliant.



    Step One: Start hiding assets. Liquidate and hide all assets as soon as possible. The reason for this will become apparent in step three.

    Step Two: Vote for Hillary. DON'T STOP READING.

    Step Three: The day after Hillary's inauguration get yourself fired, or if you have to just quit.

    Step Four: The next day go apply for welfare and/or unemployment. The reason for hiding your assets is that the government only wants to take care of you once you can't take care of yourself, so you are gonna have to at least appear poor.

    The Democratic Socialists say they can take care of us from cradle to grave, so I say let's call them on it. Let's refuse to work and let them worry about where all that money is gonna come from to take care of us. The upshot is once us conservatives aren't working we can spend all of our time protesting the government and demanding that they give us that free health care, housing and food that they seem to think are rights and not rewards for a life well lived.

    Sure, the economy will crash, the government will fall into chaos and things will get really bad, but once this happens the platform of cradle to grave care that the Democratic Socialists tout will be shown as the dead end nation killing system that it is and we can vote in some real conservatives, get back to work and fix the country, thereby permanently ridding ourselves of the scourge of socialism that is set to ruin this once great republic.

    Vote for Hillary. It may be our only chance.

    X-Posted at Cao's, Ravens and Stop the ACLU.


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