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    Our Founding Fathers (NOT simply Founders) signed a Declaration, pledging their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to the belief that Man is inherently gifted from birth with inalienable rights, in other words rights that are not granted by the government, therefore they are rights that cannot be taken away.

    They went on to forge the most astounding document to follow that one in the Constitution.

    Not one but two historic documents that changed the world, and continue to change it today.

    They crafted the Constitution so that government would be limited, knowing that a limited government that had a narrowly defined scope of powers, balanced by two other branches, would be a great government and retain to the higest possible extent the freedom thatis inherently ours from birth.

    Our government has overstepped those bounds, more so since World War 2 than before that, although the "temporary tax" to fund WW1 stayed with us to this day.

    I have been listening closely to the candidates for president, and of all of them that have a chance the ONLY one I have seen EVER mention that an issue should be left to the states, regardless of issue, is Fred Dalton Thompson.

    Fred is a Federalist.

    Fred is the ONLY Federalist running.

    We NEED that type of thinking in the White House desperately.

    The Federal Government has been sticking their nose into our lives in an ever more intrusive way, and it's about time to have a President that believes certain things should be run by the states.

    Just something for you to think about today.


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