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    Dear Obama Supporter,

    Now that your President is in office and you have gotten to see exactly what he stands for and what he is about I have a small request. You see, Obama's Spread the Wealth policies are, due to the size of government, a bit slow and I am not going to get anything from Obama spread my way for awhile. That's where you come in.

    Flatly put I want you to prove your dedication to Obama's spread the wealth policy and give me money. Sure, I didn't and will do nothing to earn your money, but that is not the point is it? The point is to spread the wealth around. It doesn't matter how much you spread either, although 10% would be a good start but I would feel like a church if you did that so let's say 40% of what you make. Too much? How about 50%?

    Seriously...if you believe in these policies put your money where your mouth is and use the donate button in the left hand column and show me the money. I promise all funds will be used to prop up the economy at the local bar and gun store and my brother has even pledged to use some of these funds to help support several single mothers.

    Balls in your court. Thanks for your support


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