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    From my bud Mister E Pluribus over at Freedom Broadcast Network. This is the original version...apparently he is doing up a more PC version of this. With apologies to the Stones....


    I see a White House
    And I want to paint it black
    I'm just half-colored
    But I want it all turned black

    My buddy Jeremiah
    Says that we were hosed
    But wait until I'm in
    I'll make it safe for bros

    I once did lines of blow
    Who cares that they weren't black
    It was so long ago
    And I can't take it back

    Don't care religious nuts
    No longer want me as their man
    They're merely simpletons
    And won't affect my plans

    As for my wife Michelle
    So glad she's finally proud
    But don't cry, "Hypocrite!"
    With us that's not allowed

    No chance I'll fade away
    Won't matter who knows the facts
    It's a piece of cake for me
    Love the guilt card -- hey, I'm black

    Hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope
    Hope, hope, hope, hope, hope
    Change, change, change, change, change, change, change
    Change, change, change, change, change

    My grandma blasted blacks
    That's OK, I loathe whites
    Threw her under the bus
    As plain as the books I typed

    Then there's my lovely mom
    C'mon, she married black
    Not once, but twice -- it's true
    You never can go back

    Don't fear my Muslim friends
    I know you understand
    With me you'll get your wish
    When we withdraw from your land

    That's right, I'll cut and run
    I won't have to face the facts
    It's so easy turnin' away
    When it's not my head that's hacked (yet)

    In just a few more months
    The U.S. in my control
    One bitter favor, though
    Please don't ask me to bowl

    I see a White House
    And I want to paint it black
    I see a White House
    And I want to paint it black

    Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah
    Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah......


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