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    The House rushed through legislation that would force "Anyone providing an 'electronic communication service' or 'remote computing service' to the public who learns about the transmission or storage of information about certain illegal activities or an illegal image" to report it or face up to THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in fines!!!!

    This includes the corner coffee shop with the free wifi. So now you are going to have the coffee shop owner forced by law to keep an eye on your surfing while you down that double soy decaf latte mochachinno frappawhatthehell...nice huh?

    This bill went through without any kind of review, and the greatly changed text is not available for public review. That's the Democrats for ya....."Shut up and do what we tell ya, don't ask questions, it's for the children."

    When the republic fails I want you to please take note that it was the left stealing your rights and snooping into your life. The Right believes you are a friggin grownup and can make your own decisions.

    Nanny statism at it's virtual worst.


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