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    I want a mean assed hard nosed that doesn't have a shred of political correctness....

    I want a President that tells the illegals to go the hell home....and helps them on their way without mercy....

    I want a President that tells the islamists in no uncertain terms that they either knock the crap off or it's gonna be time to start glassing over muzzie villages....and then pointedly takes out an atoll in the Pacific with a missile launched from a submarine in the Atlantic while eating his Cap'n Crunch on a lazy Sunday morning in the Oval office while wearing his Presidential P.J.'s....and shows it all live on Fox News, just to make the point....

    I want a President that will tell the dems in congress to stop lying and stealing and the republicans that can't get their stuff together to get the hell out of the party and stop making us look bad....

    I want a President that will yell at reporters when they ask stupid partisan questions, a President that will tell that old bag Helen Thomas to shut her ugly pie hole and get the hell outta the white house until she learns to act like a human that cares for this country....

    I want a President that will tell the Saudis to clean up their mess or we're gonna do it and we'll start with Mecca....

    I want a President that will tell the Mexican president to sit down, shut up and stop sending us his citizens....and then bills Mexico for what they have cost us so far....

    I want a President that will tell the ACLU and other leftist groups that if they continue being treasonous gits we're gonna start deporting people to countries we think they would like based on their rhetoric, such as Libya, Syria, China or Sudan....and then start doing it....

    I want a President that gets mad and literally tells people to shut the hell up....and isn't afraid of doing just that

    I want a President that goes out shooting every Sunday after church with the white house press pool.....just to show them what he is capable of doing.....

    I want a president that literally scares the hell out of our enemies and causes them to freeze with fear and actually wonder what he'd do to them if they crossed him......

    In short I want a President that has some balls and a big bunch of anger and is willing to call it like he sees it and doesn't worry about image or political correctness....perchance to dream eh?


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