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    I wish the democrats were right......

    I wish the world could get along......

    I wish that all the strife would simply end if we brought everyone
    home because then we could make this madness stop.....

    I wish we could afford to take care of all the people that needed it.....

    I wish we could end hunger, homelessness and disease.....

    I wish we could find a never ending energy source that didn't pollute
    at all....hell while I am wishing I wish that the never ending,
    non-polluting energy source had emissions that smelled like whatever
    your favorite smell was so we could all walk around smelling something

    I wish Big Macs weren't fattening and that cauliflower was.......

    I wish beer flowed up through natural springs and twinkies grew on trees...

    But most of all I wish President Bush was the evil, rotten, scheming,
    lying sunuvabitch that the left claims.....maybe then he would start
    rounding those assholes up in the middle of the night and give them
    HALO lessons over shark infested waters.....

    The inspiration for this post came from this video.


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